Cancellation and Refund Policy

CSI believes in helping its members as far as possible, and has therefore a valid cancellation policy. Under this policy :

CSI can write to or get in touch with the member and settle the dispute by justifying all the requisite facts about the services which in this case are Membership Services.

Reverse Transaction Policy- In case of any member if the same online transaction takes place twice due to some technical problem CSI can reverse the second transaction to the account of the Member from where the amount has been debited.

Refund – In case of offline payments through Cheque / DD any excess amount paid will be credited to member’s account, which the member can use while making future payments to CSI. The money is refunded to the member if the acknowledgement from the member is received by CSI stating that he wants the money to be refunded back to him / her. Refunds are being processed within 30 days period. The member needs to acknowledge the mail from CSI within a period of 15 days.

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