Dear CSI Members,

Under Chapter Bylaw 5.1.1 of the Computer Society of India, the Nominations Committee [NC] is required to invite appropriate groups of members to submit names of voting members for considering them for the various elective offices of the Managing Committee [MC] and Nominations Committee [NC].

Members are accordingly invited to submit names of candidates who are valid voting members of high professional standing, integrity and experience for the following offices of Managing Committee [MC] and Nominations Committee [NC]

For the term 2016-2017 (April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017)

1. Vice-Chairman cum Chairman Elect - One Post
2. Nomination Committee (3 members) - Three Posts
3. Managing Committee: (4 / 6 / 8 members as per class/category of chapter)
Category A – (Chapters having more than 500 members) – 8 MC Members.

Category B – (Chapters having 250 – 500 members) – 6 MC Members.
Category C – (Chapters having less than 250 members) – 4 MC Members.

For the term 2016-2018 (April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2018)

4. Hon. Secretary - One Post

Click here for format for nominations.

• Start Date for call for chapter nominations: 15th Sept. 2015
• Last Date for receipt of chapter nominations: 10th October 2015

The nominations for Chapter elections should be sent to the Chapter NC. However,a copy of the nomination MUST be sent to CSI HQ and National NC at (chapterelections2015@csi-india.org)for record. For chapters without a valid NC, National NC will conduct the elections. Chapter election process must be completed by 31st October 2015 i.e. the results/slate must be communicated to CSI HQ by the chapter by this date. If the chapter opts to go for online voting with National ExecCom voting, all details of the nominees must be sent to CSI HQ/National NC by 31st October 2015. The election process would be completed by 31st January 2016.

CSI Nominations Committee 2015-2016 nc2015_2016@csi-india.org

Dr. Anil Kumar Saini (Chairman) Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Prof. (Dr.) U.K Singh

Election Code of Conduct (2015-16) Effective 18.12.2015 to 19.01.2016

Canvassing (both individually and in group) during the election period directly or indirectly through Post / Email / Social Media / SMS is not allowed / permitted. Action would be initiated against the members / non members found involved in such an act of canvassing or otherwise, in accordance with latest version of Information Technology Act of the Govt. of India.

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