Investing in CSI2020


 Instant reach to 100000+ professionals - Your brand gets instant visibility and reach to all the members of CSI.


 National VisibilityNational Visibility - With 73 chapters and 500 student branches, CSI has one of the widest network of IT professionals..


 Pride of being associated with the Premier Convention of IT professionals - CSI is one of the most respected societies for IT professionals and hence the event
carries a lot of prestige. As sponsor you will gain from the good will

The organising committee is carrying full page advertisements in CSI Communication with a circulation of over 20000 copies. Logos of main sponsors will be
carried in the advertisements.

Sponsors also get the benefit of visibility on the Website and App of the event. These assets will be viewed by over 30000+ professionals across the country
over the months preceding the event and after too.

Coimbatore is one of India’s fastest growing cities for the domain. It is also among the 20 smart cities planned by the Government of India. The convention
provides you an opportunity to interact with the professionals and business houses of this rapidly growing city and gain a foothold for your expansion plans.

250+ Educational institutions and 6 Universities make Coimbatore one of the biggest educational hubs of the region. Sponsors get an opportunity  to interact
with the student population and to showcase your brand to potential talent for recruitment.

Connect face to face with 750+ professionals representing some of the top corporates in the country. Your representatives can get the opportunity to speak to
them personally and promote your brand during all the 3 days.

Host CSI Bhubaneswar & Cuttack chapter
CSI 2020 Secretariat: Computer Society of India, Bhubaneswar Chapter, N-24-27 Anthem Tower New IT Zone Patia,   Bhubaneswar - 751024, ?: 91674 2972299, e-mail,