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EDITORIAL Dear Fellow CSI Members, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the area that provides techniques of processing information and communicating it. It has created a large number of innovative applications that makes life of a common man easier. ICT e-applications provide an effi cient medium to deliver a large number of services for all. These e applications are enablers for development. ICT applicationonss e-applications are enablers for development. ICT applications help in improving living conditions of all. There is a need of right help in improving living conditions of all. There isisisis aaa aa nn need ofofofof rrr rigigigighthhtht approach, context and implementation techniques, to get required approach, context and implementation tecececechnhnhnhnh iqqqqueueueueuesss,s, tt t to o gget rereeeeququququququqq iriririrrededeeee productivity and quality improvemeeeeentntntntn s frfrfrfroomomoo IICTCT a aaaaappppppppliiiiiccacaccc tiononononono s.s. IIII ICTTTTTT productivity and quality improvements from ICT applications. ICT applications in our daily life have converted our life into Digital life. applications in our daily life havavvavveeee cocoocoonnnvnvn ere teted our liifefefeffffee iiiiintntntntnttoo oooo DDigggggitaaaaal lliiiifeeeee. Keeping in mind the importance of ICT and its applications, the Keeping in mind the impopopopoportttrtaanana cece oooooooofff f ICICICICICCT TTTTT aananaaaa d its aapapapappplplplplplp iicccccattttttioionsnsnsnsnns, ,, thththhhthheeeee publication committee of Computer Society of India selected publication committeteeeeee ofofofofof C CCCCComomomomommo puuttetettet r rrrr SoSoSoSSSoSociciiicieteeeee y y of I IIIndndndndndndiiiiaiia sssssselelellele ececececee teteteetetedddddd the theme of CSI Communications (The Knowledge Digest for IT the theme of CSI CCCCComomommmmumuniniiicacacacacc tititttt oononononnss s ssss (T(TTTTheheeeee K K KKnononononowlwwwwww edededddggegegege DDD DDiggigigigesesesesesesttttt ffofofoforr ITIITIT Community) Dec. 2015 issue as “ICT applications”. We shall also Community) Decececec. 2020202 1515555 i isssssssss ueue aaaaa as “ “ ““ICICCCCTTT T TT apapapapppplplplplplicicicccicicataatatttatioooonsnsnsnsnsnsn ””””.”” We shall also be discussing about “Digital Life” in CSI Golden Jubilee annual be discussing g g g g ababbbout ttt “D“D“D“D“DDDigigigigiggitititittalaaaa LLififififfffe”e”e”e” i i i iinn n CSCSCSCSCSC I GoGoGoGoGGoldlden Jubilee annual convention in this month in Delhi. i. convention iiiiin ththththt iss mmm m mononoooo th iin nnnn DeDeDeDeDeelhl The fi rst cover story included in this issue “Understanding Data The fi rst cocoooovvvev r r ststststororororo y y yy inininininclcclclclc ududuuu eded i iiiin thththththt isi issue “Understaandndnddndndnn ing DaDaDaDaDaD tattttt Mining Applications for E-Governance” by R. Gupta, S. K. Muttoo Miningnggg A AA Apppppp liicacacacacacatitiononnnnnns ssss fofofofffoforrrrr E-E-E-E-E-GoGoGoGoGooveeeeerrnance” by R. Gupta,a,a,a,a,, SSS SSSS. K. Muuuuuttoo o and S. K Pal discusses the role of data mining in e-governance. and S.S.S.. K K KKK P Paaalaaa ddddddisisisiisisscuuuuuusss esess tttt theheeeee rrrrrroololoo e of data mining iiiiiinnnnn nnn e-governaaaaance. Next cover story “Monitoring and Analaysis of Garbage Collection Nextttt cooovoo ererrrrr ss s s stototototoryryryryry ““““““MoM nitooooooorinngngnnn and Analaysis of f f GGGGGaGGG rbage Colleccccction solutions in a business like Wealth Management (WM) using Process based on Image Processing and Machine Learning” by Procccccessssss babababababab sesed d d ononononoo I I Imamamamamamagegegegeggge PProcessing annd d MMMMaMMMM chine Learningggg” by solulululululuuuutittt ons in a businesss llike Wealth h MMMaMMMM nnanann ggegegegeg mememememementnt ( ((((((WMWMWMWMWWMW ) ))) ussssing emergigigigigigigiggingnnnn technologies. emerging technologies. P. Kumar proposes a prototype for monitoring and analysis of P. KKKKuumumu aaararara p p p pppprororor popopoposesesesseses sssss aa aa a pppprprp ototype for momooooonnninn toring and analyssiis of garbage collection process based on ICT, image processing and As a part of Golden Jubilee articles Prof. D. G. Dastidar, Fellow, gaaaarbbbbbagge ee e ee cococococoollllllllllecececece tititititttiononooo p ppppproooocecec ss based oonn nn n n IICIII T, image processinggg and As a part t ofofoooooo Golden Jubbbbbiilee articles Prof. D.D.DD. GG .. . DDaDaDaDaststststtiddidididaaaarar, FeF llllllowwww, m m m maccchc ininnnnnne e leleleeelearaarararrninninininn ngngngg. TTThTTT iiiriri d cover sttorororororryyyyy “Vision Based Gait Anaaaalysis m machine learning. Third cover story “Vision Based Gait Analysis Computer Society of India, Former Professor of Computer Computer SSSSSSSSocoococooociety of IIndia, Former Profofofofofffessssssosor r ofofofofo CCCC CComomommomompuuuuteeeeer T T Te T T ccchc niququeses ii iinnnnnn ElElElElElE dededededeerlyy y yyy life: TTowowwwwaaaarards a better life” by C. Prakkkkkash, Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata has shared Techniques in Elderly life: Towards a better life” by C. Prakash, Science & Engiineneneneneeeeering, JJadavpur University,, K KKKK Kololoo kakakkakakatatatatatatta hhhhahas s shhhhhararrreddddd his memories with CSI in “CSI and Me : the Path Revisited”. In R R R. R R KKumumumummu ararar, ,,, NNN.NN MiMiMMMM tttttttalllll g ives a rer view that will help pp researchhhchhhhhh and his memories witth h hhhhhh CSCSCSCSCSIIIII inin “CSI and Me : theheeeee PPPPPPatattttth h h h RRRRevisisisiteteteteteed”. Innn R. Kumar, N. Mittal gives a review that will help research and another article “On Some Chapters of CSI in the Eastern Region : clinicians for a general insight of the opportunities and gaps in cl c c c ini icccccciaaaaansnsnnnnsn f f oror a aaaaa ggeeenee eeere al insighthtttt oooo offffff ththththththeeeee opopopopoppopopopoportrtrtrtrtunununununititititititieieieieieiesssss ananananandddddd gagaggagaaaaapsp in another article “On n SoSoSooSoSoSoSoomemmmmmmmm Chapters of CSI in ttthtt eee ee Eaststererernnn nn ReReReReReRegigiggg onnnnn : cuuuuurrenntltltltltlttlyyyyyy avavavaavavaiaiaailalalalaalal blbleeee e sssyys stem forr ggggg gggait analysis. A Recollection”, Mr. Devaprasanna Sinha, Fellow, Computer currently available system for gait analysis. A Recollection”,”,,,, M M M Mr. DDDDDDDeevaprasanna Sinha, FFFFeelloloooooowwww,w, CCC CC Comomomomoompuputeeeeer Society of India and RVP-II has shared his experience with CSI, in Society of Inddiaiaiaiaia and RVPPPPP-I- I has shared his exppperrienncncnncnce wiwiwiwiwiwithththtthhh C CSI, in Coooooveveeeeer stststststoro y yyyy “IIIICCCTCTC AAAAppp lications: OOOOObjbjbjbjbjbjectives, Challenges and Path Cover story “ICT Applications: Objectives, Challenges and Path particular, in eastern regions. to Solutions in Social and Personal context” by M. Pathak, B. t to to t t Soooolooo utuutututioooionsnsnsnsn ii iin nn n SoSooociiiala and Personal l coccccc ntext” by M. Pathaaakk, B. particular, inininnnn eastern reggggioions. Verma and R. Patel explains various challenges related to ICT This issue also contains Practitioners’ workbench, Crosswords, Verma a anandd RR. Patatttttel explains various chchchchchchallenges related too ICT Ve Ve This isssssssssssue also containnss Practitioners’ workkkkkkbeeeeencnch,h Crosswordddds,,,,, Ve applications. Last cover story “ICT in Higher Education of India” CSI activity reports from divisions, chapters, student branches, CSI I aaaaca tivity reports frommmm divisions, chapterrrrrssss,ss sstudent brancheheeesss,s,s a a a a appppplications. Lastt cccccovvvvvvere story “ICT in Higheheheheheheh r Education of Innnnndia” by C. Rajanandhini, M. Chandrakumar Peter and A. B. K. A. Babu by by by byy CCCCC. Rajanandhini, , MMM.M.MMM Chandrakumar Peter anannnnnnnd A. B. K. A. BBBBBabu Ca Calendar of events and BBBBBooo k review. Ca Calendar of events and Book review. Ca Ca Ca di disscsss uuusu ses some ICTTTTTT i nininiiniitit atives in the fi eld of hhigiggggghehhhhhh r educatiooooon in discusses some ICT initiatives in the fi eld of higher education in I take this opportunity ttttoo express my sincccccccererereereeee e thanks to Dr. VVViVV pppipp I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Vipin n India. a... Indddidd Tyagi, Guest Editor, for brb inging this issusuuuue e ssuccessfully. I exxxxteeeend Tyagi, Guest Editor, for bringing this issue successfully. I extend In RReeseee eeeearch Front catet gogogogoooryyyyyyy, , , “Hyper spectral Image Denonooooisisisisisisinininngggg gg g annnnnnddddddd d d In Research Front category, “Hyper spectral Image Denoising and my my gratitude to the entire ExecCom and particularly to Prof. M. N. my my my myy gggg ggrararararatitititititututututudedededede tttt tooooo thththththeeeee enennenennentiiitititittirre ExecCom anddddd p p p p ppaaaarara ticularly to Prof.f.f.f M M MMM. N. Hoodada a aandd D Dr.r. D D. . K.K. M Mishrhra for their coconnntnn inninninuou us support in bbbrbb innnnging Unsupepepepervrrr ised Classifi cattttioiiioi nn”n”n”nn bby B. Saichanndadanana aandnd K K.. SrSrininivivasas Unsupervised Classifi cation” by B. Saichandana and K. Srinivas Hoda and Dr. D. K. Mishra for their continuous support in bringing presennntstttt a mechanism fororrrr ii ii nncncnn reasing theeee aacaccuucuuuuraaaracycycycycyyc o of fff GeGeGeeneeetititititit presents a mechanism for increasing the accuracy of Genetic c this issue successfully. y.yy.y.yy thisissss i iiiissssss ueeeee sssucucucuuucu cccecc sssssssssssssfufufufufuf lllll algorithms based unsupervised classifi cation. Next article e On bbehehhalallllffff f ofooofo ppppppubbubbbllil cacacacacac tititititit ooonooo cc ommimimimimitttttttt eeeeeeeeee, I wish to express s s s mymymymy sincere algorithmsmsmsmsm based unsupeeervrrvrvrvrvvvisisissisededee classifififi cccccatattatatioioooon.n.n.n.n.nn N N N NNNNexxxt arrticlc On behalf of publication committee, I wish to express my sincere O “Extensions to the K-means Algorithm for Segmentation of cDNA “Extensionnnns totttt the K-means Alggorororoorittthmhmhhh for SSSSSegegegegmemememementntnttntntatatatatataa iiiioi n n oofofo ccDNDNDNDNAAA AAAAA A gratitude to all authors and reviewers for their contributions and gratititudude tttotto a alll a aututhohorsrs a andd r rrrrevevevevvvieieieiei wew rs for their contrtrtrtribbbbuuutuu ions and Microarray III Imamamamage” by P.V.Lakshmmiii,ii, J J JJ J J.HHHHHHararaaaa iki iran gives an algorithm Microarray Image” by P.V.Lakshmi, J.Harikiran gives an algorithm support to this issue. support to this issue. that can be used for segmentation of microarray image. that can be ussssededededd f f or segmentatioooooon nn off mmmmmmicicicicici rooooooararaaaa rar y image. I hope this issue will be successful in providing various aspects I hope this s isissusuuueeee eee wwwwiwilllllllll bbbb bee suuccccccccccccesesesesessfsfsfsfssfululululu i in n providininning g ggg vvvav rious aspects Article “Retention of Quality for Sustainability of an Industry in ICT and its applications. ... Article “Retentiononnn oooo of fff Quality foooooor SSuSuSuSuSuS stststststtaiaiaaa naabibibbbb lilililitytytytyyyyyy o ffff f ananananann I I ndn ustry in IC ICT T anananananddddd ititititssss s apapappppplpplplplppliciciccccicatatatataaatioioioioioionsnsnnsnsn Industrial Market DyDyDyDynaaaamimm cs” bbyy SSSSSumumumuumumu aaa a V.VV.V.V.V ggigiggggggg vves anan ooo o oveveveveveervieii w ww ofofofoff Industrial Market Dynamics” by Suma V. gives an overview of Fi Fi Finalllly, we lolooookokokokokokk f fffffffforororoororoo wawawawawaww rdrdrddrd tttoo ooo rererrr ceive ththththhee fefefefef edback, contribution, ways to maintain quality for sustainability. Another article : Social Finally, we look forward to receive the feedback, contribution, ways to maintain qualiiitytytytyt f ff forororor s usstatatatataininnnnnnabababababa iiiilili ittttyy.yyy AA A AAAnnonnothererrrr a a a aaartr icle : SSociiall criticism, suggestions from our esteemed members and readers Network Analysis and Vissuauauauaualiiiiizazazazatitionon usisiiingngngngnngn GGGGGGGephi” bybybybybbyy PPPPP. SSS.S.SS. V VVVVVViisissspupupupupupupuputetetetee cr cr cr crititiiticicii isssm,m,mm,m,m,m ssss ssuuguguuugggegegegeggeeststststttstioioioioioioonsnsnsnsnss ffffroororororom m m m mmmmm ououououourr essssteteteteemmmmmed members and readers Network Analysis and Visualization using Gephi” by P. S. Vispute and S. S. Sane gives an overvieieeew www ofofofofof G G GGepphihihihihii tool. and S. S. Sane gives an overview of Gephi tool. at csc ic@c@ccsisis -i-indndiaia.o.orgrg.. In Security Corner, we have includedededed “ SeSeSecucucucuuriririritytytytyy Enhhananananancememeeeeennntntnnn in In Security Corner, we have included “Security Enhancement in ICT for Education using WiMAX Networks” by C. Rajagopal and ICT for Education using WiMAX Networks”””” bybybyby C C C C. RR RRajajaajajagagagaggopopopopalal a nd Prof. A.K. Nayak K. Bhuvaneshwaran that discusses various ICT tools fffforor EEE EE-L-L-L-Leaeaeaeearnrnrnrnininining g gg K. Bhuvaneshwaran that discusses various ICT tools for E-Learning Proffffff. AAAA.A K.K.K. NNN N Nayayayayakkakkaak with enhancement in security to users of E-Learning systems. A case study “Digital Transformation: A Wealth Management “ by A. Badheka and A. Patankar gives the way to transform legacy Chief Editor Prof. A.K. Nayak, Director, Indian Institute of Business Management, Patna, www CSI Communications | December 2015 | 4SI Communications | December 2015 | 4 C
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