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VICE PRESIDENT’S DESK 1. I am sure that most of our members will agree that from April of this year, Computer Society of India is undergoing major changes. Thanks to the eff orts of Hony. Secretary Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra, systems and processes are falling in place and there has been more thrust on accountability. The Membership Committee under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mohapatra is trying to increase our membership, and is getting the priority it deserves. 2. All Members are requested to help in adding more mem- bers and eff orts are on to involve our members in our dif- ferent activities. 3. List of Distinguished Speakers from CSI Members has been prepared and being published Region-wise in the CSI web site. These Speakers can be requested to share their expertise in diff erent events. 4. Eff orts of the Publication Committee led by Prof. A. K. Nayak has helped in transforming CSI Communications as a means of decimation of information to our members. Dr. Vipin Tyagi is working hard to bring out CSIC in time and with the desired quality. In the days to come, we hope to see more CSI publications including one dedicated for students. 5. Nomination Committee is working on streamlining the electoral system and trying to ensure that both National level and Chapter level elections are synchronized and con- befi tting manner. The members of ExecCom are looking ducted as per the guidelines. There have been complaints forward to meeting our Members and Student Branch about elections and the NC along with Hony. Secretary Coordinators during the convention and exchange ideas have been working to ensure elections are held in the right and discuss suggestions. spirit. Best wishes, 6. While we are trying to strengthen all the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), SIG e-governance is working in the right direction. Thanks to the support of Nihilent, the CSI e-gov- ernance awards are being given by SIG-E-governance after Dr. Anirban Basu rigorous evaluation of the competing entries. This model of tying up with large corporate houses and recognizing teams for their signifi cant contribution in a particular area can be followed by other SIGs. 7. I am happy to note that the organizers of CSI conferences Vice President, CSI have started paying more attention to the quality of publi- cation of the papers presented. Attempts are being made to tie up with Springer, Taylor and Francis etc. for publish- ing the proceedings. 8. CSI Delhi Chapter is making all eff orts to hold our fl ag- ship event namely CSI Annual Convention : CSI 2015 in a Prof. Dr. Anirban Basu, Vice President, CSI Communications | December 2015 | 6
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