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Dear Fellow CSI Members,                                              CSI activity reports from divisions, chapters, SIGs, student
                                                                      branches and Calendar of events.
Open Source Software is the software developed by volunteers/         I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Vipin
communities. Software Developers develop programs as per their        Tyagi, Guest Editor, for bringing this issue successfully. I extend
requirement, source code is open to all and anyone can improve        my gratitude to the entire ExecCom and Publication Committee
the software by providing inputs and/or fixing bugs, modifying        for their continuous support in bringing this issue successfully.
as per new requirements. The code generated is of high quality        The new issue of CSI Adhyayan is also available on CSI portal.
because many experts from different fields are involved. Some         On behalf of publication committee, I wish to express my sincere
very popular open source software are Perl programming                gratitude to all authors and reviewers for their contributions and
language, GNU/Linux operating system, Apache server software          support to this issue.
etc. The main concept of open source software approach is open        We have tried our level best to follow election code of conduct in
collaboration.                                                        this issue. I hope this issue will be successful in providing various
                                                                      aspects of Open Source Software.
Keeping in mind, the importance of open source concept, the           Finally, we look forward to receive the feedback, contribution,
publication committee of Computer Society of India selected           criticism, suggestions from our esteemed members and readers
the theme of CSI Communications (The Knowledge Digest for IT          at
Community) January 2016 issue as “Open Source Software”.
                                                                      Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 !
The first cover story included in this issue “MongoDB - An
Open Source NoSQL DB” by R. Sasikala discusses the features,          Chief Editor
installation steps, basic working style, research areas related to
MongoDB open source Database system. In next cover story
“Open Source Software Versus Commercial Software”, N. Goel
compares the open source software model with commercial
software model. In cover story “Shaping the Future of Technology
using Open Source Software” by A. Dahiyaa focuses on the
prospects of applying open source software in education,
business etc. Last cover story “Software Agent Integrated Open
Source SaaS Cloud: A Contributor in Digital India Initiative” by
Md. S. Raza provides a mechanism that will help various agencies
to develop innovative software and share with uniformity with
minimum financial burden.

In Technical Trends category, “Lab of Things (LoT)” by A. J. Basha
presents a mechanism of using various common devices for useful
applications. Next article in this category is “Wearables and Social
Media - The Future is here!” by S. Togarcheti and N. Sirisilla that
describes an interesting technology that may change the way
services are provided and consumed across sectors.

Article “Determining Maturity Level of a BI (Business Intelligence)
Application” by M. Kumar and R. Sarangi suggests an evaluation
mechanism to determine the level of maturity for a BI product
or application by doing assessment with respect to modern day
computing. Next article "Write Your Own Program: Demystifying
Computer Programming for Amateurs” by S. Ganguli and
D. Sharma gives an approach of writing computer programs.

In Security Corner, we have included “Overcoming the Privacy
Problem of the Aadhaar Database" by P. Agrawal that discusses
a way to ensures consistency of personal data held by multiple
entities and reduces the effort of providing data to a new entity,
while maintaining the privacy of a person’s personal data. Next
article in this category “Securing the WEB, Once and for all– Let’s
Encrypt” by R. Garg and S. K. Selvaraj describes various aspects
of the project “Let’s Encrypt”.

This issue also contains an Interview on Open Source Technologies
of Prof. Raj Kumar Buyya, Director, CLOUDS, University of
Melbourne, Australia taken by S. Rampur, Chairman CSI Mysuru

This issue also contains CSI 2015 (Golden Jubilee Convention)
report, Citations of Life time achievement awardees, Crossword,

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