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1.	 First I would like to wish all our members a very Happy and            must keep the RVP of that region informed.
      Prosperous New Year! Let us work towards strengthening               This will help in better coordination and reporting by RVPs
      our society and adding more members. Organizing                      in ExecCom meeting. RVPs on their part will check the
      interesting programs will attract IT professionals to CSI.           authenticity of sponsorship so that misuse of CSI logo is
2.	 CSI Elections have started and are going on. User names          8.	 We are trying to expand our international membership and
      and Passwords have been sent to all the eligible voting              enlist IT professionals working abroad. We need to take
      members. Members are requested to exercise their voting              CSI to international standards both in publications and in
      rights.                                                              the events that we organize. For this we have requested
                                                                           Prof. Dharm Singh, an active CSI Member who has held
3.	 I am glad that Publication Committee led by Prof. A. K.                important positions in CSI and presently working abroad to
      Nayak has announced publication of CSI Adhyayan and the              serve as a International Coordinator to facilitate this.
      first issue in e-format (Sept – Dec 2015) has been uploaded
      on the web site. Congratulations to Prof. Nayak, Dr. Vipin     Let us all work together and move forward in the New Year in
      Tyagi and Dr. Nilesh Modi for the excellent work! This         taking CSI to greater heights.
      publication will help in attracting the student community
      to CSI.                                                        Best wishes,

4.	 Our attempts to strengthen all the Special Interest Groups       Dr. Anirban Basu
      (SIGs), have not been too successful. Except very few SIGs,
      most of these are dormant and with membership restricted       Vice President, CSI
      to a particular team.

      SIGs have been aligned with different Divisions and all their
      activities must be reported to the corresponding Division

5.	 Inspite of repeated appeals, event organizers are not
      using the correct registered logo of CSI which is
      reproduced below.

6.	 There have been complaints about misuse of CSI logo and
      organizers at different levels are using CSI logo without
      approval of the CSI management. Misusing of CSI logo and
      associating with all sorts of conferences is affecting our

      Engineering colleges that do not have CSI Student Branches
      are using CSI logo as a Sponsor without mentioning the
      name of the Division or the Chapter who have approved
      the sponsorship. Needless to say, our endeavor to open
      more Student Branches   is affected due to this and is

      All Division Chairs and RVPs are therefore requested to
      prevent misuse of CSI logo and ascertain from the
      organizers the genuineness of the sponsorship. If a CSI
      Chapter or a Division is sponsoring, then their name should
      be clearly stated below CSI logo.

7.	 I have also proposed that all Chapters/Student Branches/
      Divisions conducting any event  or supporting any event

Prof. Dr. Anirban Basu, Vice President,

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