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President’s Message Prof. Bipin Mehta From : President’s Desk:: Subject : President's Message Date : 4th July 2015 Dear Members, I am delighted to share that April, May and June volumes of CSI Communications of this year are well received by the fraternity. The feedback received is motivating editorial team. Recently our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched “Digital India” initiative to make the nation digitized. This is well appreciated by industry and a common man. We, at CSI, also like to strengthen this initiative further in each possible way to fulfi ll CSI motto “IT for Masses”. Many of our members are already working on connectivity, technology, access, services and platforms to democratise information at all levels. I urge our members to contribute for this initiative with innovative practices to deliver development equitability to all citizens, in true sense. At this juncture, I invite your valuable suggestions and ideas where role of ICT can play a signifi cant role in re-designing the processes which can be consolidated and forwarded to respective Ministry. A big challenge for us while contributing in the development of various services keeping them decentralized for security while preserving cross-application compatibility. entrepreneurs to contribute in “Digital India” initiative, social media management, mobile apps and gaming sector, virtual You will be happy to know that since more than a decade, CSI learning, retail and many more. CSI will interact with various is playing a pioneer role in identifying and appreciating Best stake holders to promote digital entrepreneurs. Practices adopted by Central Government, State Governments and Public Sector Undertakings for their initiatives for transparent Admission processes by universities and technical institutes processes, accessibility by common citizen, connectivity from in the nation has started. As usual ICT branches for higher the remotest place, avoiding red tapism and delays, paperless studies are preferred by aspirants to make career in this ever practices etc by awarding e-Governance awards under the aegis challenging and innovative field. It is observed that many of SIG-e Governance. The CSI-Nihilent e-Governance awards of the engineering branches find difficult to get sufficient are well recognized. The e-Governance nominations are well students but due to revolutionary ICT field, admission cut offs compiled and are available in form of compendiums at CSI. are higher and majority seats are filled in. This always results into influx of new student members in respective student World over, ICT industries, professionals, academicians and branches of CSI. innovators are concerned for the various issues including Science of managing Data Science, opportunities and challenges Recently, a Regional meeting of Chapter Chairman/Office of Crowd sourcing, Bringing evidence-based education in fi eld of Bearer of Region III was held at Ahmedabad under the Computer Science, Internet of Things - Cyber Physical Security Chairmanship of RVP Dr. Vipin Tyagi. The meeting was well and Big Data Privacy etc. Our members must be fi nding solutions attended by representatives of chapters of Gujarat, Rajasthan for the above areas by research and innovations. and Madhya Pradesh. Many ideas were floated for various activities and administrative matters by the participants who It is worthwhile to note that fi eld of ICT is contributing at large attended the meeting. Regional Meeting is a regular affair scale for employment opportunities not only in India, but also at which strengthens the connectivity between Chapters and world front. It is a matter of concern that we, as a nation, need to National ExecCom. I look forward for similar meeting of other introspect that in spite of ample opportunities, the larger section Regions at regular intervals. of youth is unemployed. The reality is that there is a mismatch of what market wants, and what institutions of learning are The response towards our 50th Annual Convention – CSI – 2015 providing. It is a high time, the IT educators focus on enhancing with theme “Digital Life” which is scheduled in December,2015 digital skills of the learners to enable them to become ICT is encouraging and I look forward for your patronage to make it creators also. We, at CSI, are making eff orts to bridge this gap a grand success. by connecting education campuses to corporates by organizing conferences and seminars by the Chapters and Student Branches with support of IT Industry. With best wishes, ICT is the best sector where entrepreneurship strategies can be evolved and job seekers can be transformed into digital Bipin V. Mehta CSI Communications | July 2015 | 5
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