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Vice President’s Prof. Dr. Anirban Basu, Vice President Column CSI Communications. A new set of editors has been shortlisted and will be announced soon. We are streamlining the process of publishing reports on CSI activities. The guidelines as already announced are as follows: Reports on Student Branch activities should be sent to: The report should be brief within 50 words highlighting the achievements and with a photograph with a resolution higher than 300 DPI. Reports on Chapter Activities should be sent to: The report should be within 100 words highlighting the objective and clearly discussing the benefi ts to CSI Members. It should be accompanied by a photograph We are continuing our eff orts in improving systems and with a resolution higher than 300 DPI. processes in CSI and grow our Membership. Conference/ Seminar reports should be sent by Div 1. CSI Web site is being developed and gradually links and Chairs and RVPs to data are being proliferated. It is expected to be fully operational in the next few months. Again the report should be brief within 150 words highlighting the objective and clearly discussing the 2. We have fi nalized the list of Regional and State Student benefi ts to CSI Members. It should be accompanied by a Coordinators. The Coordinators were selected from the photograph with a resolution higher than 300 DPI. applications received and the list is included in this issue of CSI Communications. Members may note that we are trying the accommodate as many reports as possible within the available space 3. We are giving thrust on Membership development at and are requested to keep the guidelines in mind. There all levels. With the powers vested in ExecCom, we are is necessity to print good quality photographs and care giving 30% discount on Rs. 10,000/- till March 31, 2016 need to be taken on this. irrespective of the age of the applicant, on account of CSI’s golden jubilee. It means the life membership fees of I am glad that Dr Vipin Tyagi, RVP, Region III has kindly individual applicants is only Rs. 7,000/-+ Service Tax @ agreed to coordinate publishing reports of these 14%. activities. He can be contacted at dr.vipin.tyagi@gmail. com/ for any clarifi cations. In keeping with the request from a large number of individuals, we have introduced installment scheme. 7. All eff orts are being made to publish the Journal of Rs. 10,000/- towards full membership can be paid in Computing in time. FOUR installments  for 4 years each of Rs. 2,500/-+ 8. Various training programs and conferences/ workshops 14% Service Tax payable  by PDCs. The membership will are being held. A 2- days Training program on Embedded commence after payment of fi rst installment but voting System Design using MSP 430 was organized at CSI- rights will be given after completion of four installments. Education Directorate Chennai on June 13 and 14 in In both cases only soft copies of CSI Publications will be association. with NIELIT of Govt. of India attended by 24 provided and no hard copies of any Publication will be participants given. CSI-Education Directorate is close to fi nalizing the 4. We are also trying for corporate membership and agreement for PMI Certifi cation for our Members. members have been requested to work on this. The new ExecCom of CSI is trying to overcome the hurdles 5. CSICommunications is a great medium for advertisement. and working on improving things with the cooperation of While we have not put much eff ort towards getting all our Members. advertisements, we are now requesting all to help in getting advertisements for CSIC. The tariff and terms Best wishes, have been included in this issue. 6. We have made signifi cant changes to our mouthpiece Dr. Anirban Basu CSI Communications | July 2015 | 6
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