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Dear Fellow CSI Members,                                               This issue also contains Practitioner’s workbench, Crossword,
                                                                       CSI activity reports from divisions, chapters, student branches
Smart City is a city that uses smart solutions to provide a clean and  and Calendar of events.
sustainable environment to convert the life of a common man into       I am thankful to Prof. A. K. Nayak and Prof. M. N. Hoda for their
a quality life. A Smart City ensures safety, security, proper water    support in bringing this issue.
and electricity supply, efficient public transport system, proper      I extend my gratitude to the entire ExecCom and Publication
sanitation and solid waste management, robust IT connectivity,         Committee for their continuous support in bringing all the issues
energy efficient buildings, e-governance and citizen participation.    successfully.
                                                                       On behalf of publication committee, I wish to express my sincere
In a Smart City, digital technologies help in getting optimum          gratitude to all authors and reviewers for their contributions and
resource usage, better public services while maintaining               support to this issue.
sustainable development. Government of India has launched              I hope this issue will be successful in providing various aspects of
Smart City mission. The aim of this mission is to enable cities to     use of IT in Smart Cities.
use technology, information and data to improve infrastructure         Finally, we look forward to receive the feedback, contribution,
and services. The development in this way will improve quality of      criticism, suggestions from our esteemed members and readers
life with more employment opportunities and enhance income for         at
all, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, leading to inclusive
Cities.                                                                With best wishes,

Keeping in mind the importance of Smart Cities in today’s context,     Dr. Vipin Tyagi
the publication committee of Computer Society of India, selected       Editor
the theme of CSI Communications (The Knowledge Digest for IT
Community) May 2016 issue as “Smart Cities”.

The first cover story of the issue “Quenching the Thirst of Jhelum:
Internet of Things Based Smart City Perspective” by S. Sholla,
R. Naaz and M. A. Chishti describes problems with Jhelum river
and suggested use of IoT in tackling the issues. In next cover
story “Smart Cities – Absolute Must for Smart Times”, S. Bhatia
has shared his experience in various cities and described the
importance of Smart City concept. Cover story “Smart Cities –
An Imperative, Not an Option” by K. V. N. Rajesh and K. V. N.
Ramesh focuses on the importance of technology solutions to
address the challenges related to urbanization. Next “Overview
of Smart City Concept” by S. N. Kakarwal and V. A. Losarwar
explains the importance of Smart Cities. In another cover story
“Smart City: A Proposed System”, S. M. Chaware explains about
the facilities provided by a Smart City. Next cover story “Make
India 2025: Smart Cities” by M. L. Florence and D. Swamydoss
gives various aspects of Smart Cities. The last cover story “Smart
City: A Step towards Sustainable Development” P. V. Janse and R.
R. Deshmukh explains benefits of a Smart City.

In Technical trends, “IoV – Internet of Vehicles” by A. A. Gadgil et
al. describes a technique to secure vehicles, auto-transaction at
fuel station, toll stations etc. without human intervention.

Article “From E-Governance to D–Governance” by S. Kumar,
R. P. Singh and S. K. Pal explains use of data analytics to relieve
traffic congestion, monitor public utilities, evaluate and predict
crime, follow education trends, and keep tabs on public resources.
Next article, “Educational Applications of Natural Language
Processing”, by A. Chitra and G. Anupriya describes various
applications of natural language processing.

We are thankful to Prof. S. Arunachalam for sharing his views
on Smart Cities in his article “Smart City- Travelling Beyond

  Dr. Vipin Tyagi, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna - MP,
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