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                                                                  4 May, 2016

Dear CSI members,                                                 professionals etc.. All these have helped me to understand
                                                                  the challenges ahead of us.
In view of the large number of CSI Members coming from            We will make CSI grow. For this, we have to be more
academics, I have often been asked if CSI is meant to serve       imaginative in organizing events. We must make CSI a
primarily the academic community. It is true that our Members     bridge between Industry and Academics to serve entire IT
from the IT Industry is lesser than that from academics. More     community.
convincing is needed to make industry professionals join CSI.
But in my experience in CSI, I feel that CSI can serve both the   With best wishes,
communities and can be an ideal platform for bridging the
gap between Industry and Academics. These days, excellent         Dr. Anirban Basu
research work on advanced topics is going on in the industry
and academics need to understand these concepts. Listening        President, CSI
to lectures on topics of practical relevance helps a teacher to
impart relevant knowledge to the students.

There is a wide gap in the subjects prescribed in the university
curriculum and the topics pursued for implementation and
research in the industry. CSI with its numerous Chapters and
Student Branches should fill this gap. No other organization
can afford to do this as much as Computer Society of India
as we have members from both the communities and have all
along been working on imparting IT education to the masses.

While members of the academic community are interested in
attending high quality conferences, presenting their research
work in conferences and publishing papers in respectable
publications, professionals from the IT Industry have different
interests. They not only enjoy networking in different forums
but are ready to share their professional expertise with others.

To take advantage of the IT professionals’ desire to share
knowledge, Chapters and Student Branches should conduct
evening talks/ seminars by industry professionals on a variety
of topics. Region-wise list of distinguished speakers have been
put up in CSI web site. These events can be organized in the
chapter premises or in the premises of different educational
institutes or in other convenient locations. Members from the
industry, even if they are not members of CSI can be invited
to talk as well as to be part of the audience. Slowly they may
become CSI Member if they feel that these meetings serve the
purpose of knowledge sharing and networking. Organizing
meetings in different convenient locations helps in attracting
attendees. Attending such knowledge sharing events should
be encouraged by management of academic institutions as
well as industry.

In the month of April, I had the fortune of inaugurating
CSI Amaravati Chapter in Maharashtra, deliver talks in
different educational institutions, interact with members
of CSI Kochi Chapter, discuss with several industry

Dr. Anirban Basu, Bangalore,

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