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CSI Communications Contents Volume No. 39 • Issue No. 8 • November 2015 Chief Editor Cover Story Dr. A. K. Nayak 11 Grid Computing by A. R. Revathi 14 Grid Computing: Fundamentals Step towards Guest Editor Emerging Technology by Gaurav Sharma Dr. Vipin Tyagi 16 Grid Computing for Big Data Mining and KDD by Smita Saxena Published by Hon. Secretary 18 Data Replication in Data Grid Environment Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra by Abdo H. Guroob and Manjaiah D.H. For Computer Society of India Technical Trends 21 Planning, Deploying and Maintaining Business Design, Print and Intelligence (BI) Reporting Systems Dispatch by by K. V. N. Rajesh and K. V. N. Ramesh CyberMedia Services Limited 25 Computer Vision - Recent Trends and Challenges by Muhammed Anees V. and G. Santhosh Kumar Research Front 28 Biological Data Science: Workfl ow by Sreeja Ashok, N. Thushara Vijayakumar and M. V. Judy Article 30 Synallagmatic Industry- Academia Linkages by Neeraj Saxena 32 Image and Video Processing - Eff ects on the Psychological Well-being of Humans by Hima Bindu Maringanti 34 Segmentation of Medical Images: Importance and its Challenges by S. V. Aruna Kumar and B. S. Harish Practitioner Workbench 36 How to Create a Basic Cloud Computing Environment in Java using CloudSim 3.0.3 by Vijendra S. Bhadhouria and Rajesh K. Shukla Please note: Security Corner CSI Communications is published by Computer Society of India, a non-profi t organization. 38 Eff ective Secret Communication using Views and opinions expressed in the CSI Communications are those of individual authors, Scrambling Techniques contributors and advertisers and they may diff er by Baisa L. Gunjal and Suresh N. Mali from policies and offi cial statements of CSI. These should not be construed as legal or professional advice. The CSI, the publisher, the editors and the contributors are not responsible for any decisions taken by readers on the basis of these views and PLUS opinions. Although every care is being taken to ensure Brain Teaser 40 genuineness of the writings in this publication, Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra CSI Communications does not attest to the originality of the respective authors’ content. 41 © 2012 CSI. All rights reserved. On the Shelf! Instructors are permitted to photocopy isolated articles for non-commercial classroom use Reports 42 without fee. For any other copying, reprint or republication, permission must be obtained in writing from the Society. Copying for other than Student Branches News 45 personal use or internal reference, or of articles or columns not owned by the Society without explicit permission of the Society or the copyright Complaints of non-receipt of CSIC may be communicated to Mr. Ashish Pawar, 022-29261724,, indicating owner is strictly prohibited. name, membership no, validity of membership (other than life members), complete postal address with pin code and contact no. Printed and Published by Mr. Sanjay Mohapatra on Behalf of Computer Soceity of India, Printed at G.P.Off set Pvt Ltd. Unit-81, Plot-14, Marol Co-Op. Industrial Estate, off Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400059 and Published from Computer Society of India, Samruddhi Venture Park, Unit-3, 4th Floor, Marol Industrial Area, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400093. Tel. : 022-2926 1700 • Fax : 022-2830 2133 • Email : Editor: Dr. A. K. Nayak CSI Communications | November 2015 | 3
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