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EDITORIAL Dear Fellow CSI Members, Grid computing refers to an emerging computing model that provides pervasive, uniform and reliable access to data and resources distributed geographically. This model is used for solving complex computational problems by using unused resources (computers, peripherals, switches, instruments, and p )g y data) of large numbers of diff erent computers owned by diff erent organizations at local, national or international level. This has organizations at local, national or internationaaalll leleelelevevevevevellll. TT Thihihihissss hahahahasss the ability to support computation acrosososossssss s vvvariiririououououo sss ss llolol ccationonnnnnnnssss sss ththtthththhatat the ability to support computation across various locations that diff erentiates it from traditional distributed computing. diff erentiates it from traditional disstrtrtrtrtribibibibutututteddededed ccoompupupupupuuutitititt nggngngnggg... . Grid computing model solveeessss s ccoommmmpm lelexx x xx prprprpprprprobo lems wwwwwhihihihichchchchcchch a a a aareeeree bbbbbig fffforrrrr Grid computing model solves complex problems which are big for a single computer. It makes use of available unutilized computing a single computer. It makekekekekes ususususse e ofofffff a a vavavaavaaililillabababbababablele unutilililililizezezzeeedd d d d cooooompmpmpmpmmputututtininininngggg g facilities and catering for the intermittent demands of large facilities and caterinnnnggg g fofofofoor thththththht e e ee inntetetettttet rmrmrmrmrmitititittetetetet ntnnnnn demmanananananndsdsdsdsdsds ooff lalalalal rgrgrgrggrgeeeeee computational exererrerccciseseseses computational exercises. s. Recognizing thheeee e immmmmpopooooorrtrtr ananannanncece oooffff ff GrGrGrGrGrididididid C C C CCComommmmppupupupuputiititiingngngngngnn a a dnd suggestions Recognizing the importance of Grid Computing and suggestions from our esteemed readers Computer Society of India selected from our esttteeeeeee mmmemm d d rererererereeadaddddereeeee s sssss Compmpmpmpmpmpputututtteerereere S S SSSoooococoo iety of India selected the theme of CSI Communications (The Knowledge Digest for IT the theme oooof CCCCCSI CCCCCCCommommomommumm niniiicacaccacatitititititt ononnnsssss s (T(TTTThhheheh Knowledge Digesst t fofor ITIT Communnnniiitii y)y)y)y)y NNoovovovovo ememeemembebebebebeer rr issisisissussss e asassasas “ “ ““GGGGrGrG id Computing”. Community) November issue as “Grid Computing”. This isssssssss ueeeee ccccconononononontatatatataininss ss fi fi fi fi fifififi rsrsstt t t t cococococooovvevevevverrrr r sts ory “Grid Compputututututututiini g” by AAAAA. R. This issue contains fi rst cover story “Grid Computing” by A. R. Revaththththi ggggig vevveveveesss sss a baaaaaasic idideaeaaaaa o ooooff ffff f grid computing coononononono cepts. In ““““Grid Revathi gives a basic idea of grid computing concepts. In “Grid Commmpmm uuutu ing:: F FFF FFunuuu dadadadadadadd mem ntnttttaaalaaaaa ss s sss StS ep towards Emememeemememeerging Technolooooogy”, In this issue, we have included an exclusive interview with Computing: Fundamentals Step towards Emerging Technology”, In ttttttthis issue, we haveeeee included ana eeeexcxccxcxcluluuuuusiiveeveveveve i intntttterererererre vivivivivviv ewewww wwwwwith G. SSSShhhahah rmrmmmmmmaaaaa a hahas s deededededescscscscscrrrirr bebebebebed d pros and cconononononns of grid compuuuuuting G. Sharma has described pros and cons of grid computing Dr. Aynur Unal, noted researcher and academician from US and Dr. AyAyyyyyyyynunnnnnnnn r Unal, noted rreeeessearcher and acacacacacaddededdd mimimimimim cicicicianananann f ffffrorororoomm m mm USSSS aaaand along with various aspects of this technology. Third cover story Director, and Member of the Executive team,, aloooono gg gg g wiwiwiwiwiw thththththtt vvv varararaararioioioioi usssssss a assspsspeeeecee ts of this ttecechhnhnhnhnhnology. Third cover ssssstory Directoror, anaaaaaaa d Member ooooof f the Executive teteamamamamaamaama , wwwwwwwwww.w.w.w.w.amamamamamteteteteteuuususuuu .ccccommmm, “GGGGriiiddd dd CoCoCoCoCoC mpmpmpmpmpm utututuutininnng gg g g fofooooor BBBiB g Data MMininnininininining and KDD” by S. Saxxxena UK. “Grid Computing for Big Data Mining and KDD” by S. Saxena UK. ex e ex exxppplpp aiinsnsnsnsnns a aaadvdvdddvd ananananaantatatatataaagegeeeeees aaana d challelengngngngngggeees of using grid computinnnnng in explains advantages and challenges of using grid computing in This issue also o coccccc ntainnss Practitioner's workkkkkkkbeeeeeennccccch,h,hh,h,hh CCC CC Crorosssssssswwowowww rdrdrdrds,,,, b b bi b ggg gg datata p NNext cooveveveeveeer story “Data Replication in DDData This issue also contains Practitioner's workbench, Crosswords, big data processing. Next cover story “Data Replication in Data CSI activity reporrtstststtstststs f roooooooomm divisions, chapterrssss,ss sssssstutuuuuudededdenttntntnt bbb bbraaarararannncnnn heeees,, Gr Gr CSI activity reports from divisions, chapters, student branches, Gr Grid Environment” by A. H. Guroob, Manjaiah D.H. explores the Gridid E EEEEnvnvnvnvnviririririronononononmeememeemem ntnt””” ””” bbybybbbb A. H. GGGGGGGGuruuruuurrroooooobbb,, MM Manananjajajaj iaiaiahhh DDD.HHH. ee expxpxpplololoreeeeereeer sss the CSI Education Direectctttttororoorororororrrataaaa e, Calendar of eventsss,s BBBBBookk rereviviewewwwww.... challenges in data replication ch chh ch challeleeeeengnggngngggesesesess ii innnn n ddadaddadatatatatata reeepepe lication CSI Education Directorate, Calendar of events, Book review. I extend my gratitude to the entire ExecCom for their support in In TTececccchnhnhhhhh icalalalaala T T rereeeendddds, “Planniingngngngngggg, Deploying and Maintaiiining I extend my grratatatatattiiititititude tooooo the entire ExecCom for thththththheieieeeee r r support in In Technical Trends, “Planning, Deploying and Maintaining bringing this issue successfully. Buuuuusis nenennnenenessssssssss Intttttelelllee lil ggegegg ncncncncee (BI) Reportiingngngngngngg Systems” by K. V. N. Raaaaajesh bringing this s isisisisissue succeeeesssfully. Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Systems” by K. V. N. Rajesh and K.V.N. Ramesh gives various steps and concepts related to an I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to an and KK.K.K.KKKV.VVVVVNNNN. RR Ramamamamma esessssh gig ves various sttepeppppps and concepts relateeeed to an I take ttttthhhihhh s opportunitttyy to express my sincncncncncerererererreeeeee thhththtthanankkkskkk ttto planning, installing and maintaining BI Reporting tools. The next Dr. ViVippipipipipin Tyagi, Guest EEEEdditor, for bringing thhiiisii iiiiisssue successfullllll p p p plaanaaa niingng, installingngggg aaaaand maintaining BI ReReReReReReporting tools. The next Dr. Vipin Tyagi, Guest Editor, for bringing this issue successfully. y.... article in this category “Computer Vision - Recent Trends and a ar a a a tiiiicle in this cateteeeegogogoogoryry “Computer Vision n - - Recent Trends and I exexxxxxttttett nd my gratitude tooooo the entire ExecCoommm mmm aaanaa d particularlyyyyy tooo oo I extend my gratitude to the entire ExecCom and particularly to C C Chaaalaa lenges” by M. AAAAAAneeeeeees V. and G. S. Kumar gigiiiivevevevevevvev s research treeends Prof. M. N. Hoda and Dr. D. K. Mishra for their continuous support rrrtrr Challenges” by M. Anees V. and G. S. Kumar gives research trends C C Pr Pr Pr Pr Pr Prof. M. N. Hoda and Dr... DD. K. Mishra for thheeeieee r ccontinuous suppppopp in the fi eld of computer vision giving some tools used in this area in t hhehehe fi eld of comppututututttererrerrrr v ision giving some tools s ususususususused in this area in bringing this issue successfully. in bringing this issue succccccessfully. for research. for r reeeesesss arch. On behalf of publication committee, I wish to express my sincere On behalf of publicationnnnnnnn ccommittee, I wiwiiishshshshshh tto express my siinini ccccec re In research front “Biological Data Science: Workfl ow” by S. Ashok, In resesesesseaaaarch front “Biolologigigigigicaaaaaal l DaD ta Science: Workfl ow” byy SS SS SSSS. . AsAsAsAsAsAsshooooookkkkk,kkk, gr gr gr tttatatatitititititit ddududududee e ttttototo a aallllllllllll a aa tttutututhhhohohohorsrsrs and reviewersrs f ffffforororrrrr t their contributioooonsnsnsns and gratitude to all authors and reviewers for their contributions and N. T. ViVVV jajajajajaykumar and M. V.VVVV JJJJJududy describes wowowworkrkrr fl fl flflflowowowowoww i in n nnn n BiBiBiBiolololollogogogoogicicicicalalaaaa N. T. Vijaykumar and M. V. Judy describes workfl ow in Biological support to this issue. suppppppporororororoo t t totooooo tttt tthihihhhh s s Data SSScicccc enenenennce Process. Data Science Process. I hoppe thihihiiiis sss isiisisissussusue e ee wiwiiwiwiillllll bbb bb beee eeee ssususss ccessfululululul in n n n nn pproviding various aasasaspppep cts of I hope this issue will be successful in providing various aspects of An articccclelll “Image and Videdeeeeeo oooo PrPPP ocessingnngggg - - E EEEEEffffff ff ffff ffeccccctsss o onn thhhhthhe e e e An article “Image and Video Processing - Eff ects on the G Grid Computing to IT community. Grid Comomommmmpupupupupup titititit ngngngngngngng ttt tttto o o oooo ITTTTITT cc cccomomomomomo mumunininininiitytyttytyty.. Psychological Well-being of Humans” by H. B. Maringanti Psychologiiiicaccc lll l Well-being of HuHuHuHuHumamamaaaansnnn ” byb HH. BBBBBB. MMara ingag ntnti Finally, we look forwardrd ttt tto rrrerer ceive the feedbackkkk, cccococ ntribution, explains the eeeeeff ffffffffeceeee t of images and viviiiideddedededeosoosss o o oon human minds. Next Finally, we look forward to receive the feedback, contribution, explains the eff ect of images and videos on human minds. Next criticism, suggestionsnsnsnsnsnsn ff ffrooororoommmmm ourr r r eseeee teemed memmmmbbbebberrsrsr and readers criticism, suggestions from our esteemed members and readers article “Segmentnnnn atatatatation of Mediccalalalalalal II I IImamammm geges:s:s::s: III I Impmpmpmpmppmppmpororooo taance” by S. V. A. article “Segmentation of Medical Images: Importance” by S. V. A. at Kumar and B. S. Harish introduces image segmentation and its at Kumar and B. S. HaHaHaHaHarirr sh introduuuuuucecececececees ss sss imimimmimmagaga ee eee sesesesesegmgmgmgmggmgmgg ennntatatatataatitittitiononoo and its applications in the rerereeseseseseararaa ch in mememeedidididiiiidicacacacacal l imiimimmmagagagagagageeseeeseseeee applications in the research in medical images. . Wishing all a happy festive season, ishinng g gggg alalalalalllll aa a a a aa hahhahahaahhappppppppppppppppyy y yyy fefefefeffef stststststivvvvveeee e seseseseaasasaaason, In Security corner we have included “Eff ective Secret In Security corner wwwwe eee hahhhh veve i iincncccccluuuudedededed ddd d dd “Eff ff ff ff ff ffecececececctititititiivevevevevvev S Sececret W Communication using Scrambling Techniques” by B. L. Gunjal Prof. A.K. Nayak Communication using Scrambmbmbmm lililiingngngngg T Technhnhnhnhnhhniiiqiqi ues” bbbbbbbyyy B.B.B.B. LLLLLL. GuGGuGuGuunjnjnnnjnjalalaaaal P Pr P P oofofo . A.A K.K.K.K..K N NN N NNayayayayayyayakakakakkaakk that explains the secret communication technique using eff ective that explains the secret communinininicacacccatitititionononon t technique uusisiiiiingngnggng eeeeeff ffff ff ff ecececece ttttit vvevveve scrambling. scrambling. We are thankful to Dr. Neeraj Saxena, TIFAC, DST, New Delhi for We are thankful to Dr. Neeraj Saxena, TIFAC, DDDDDSTSTSTSST, NeNeNeN w DeDeDeDeD lhlhlhhiii fofofofoforrrr providing his views on industry-institute relations in his article llll t t t tiiii i hi i tit t i d t idi i hi l ti “Synallagmatic Industry- Academia Linkages”. Chief Editor Prof. A.K. Nayak, Director, Indian Institute of Business Management, Patna, C www CSI Communications | November 2015 | 4SI Communications | November 2015 | 4
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