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PRESIDENT’S MES SAGE 01 November 2015 Dear Members, Greetings! It is pleasure to inform that in the recently held SEARCC International Schools’ Software Competition 2015 at Colombo, a team from Delhi Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi sponsored by CSI won the fi rst prize in the competition. On behalf of CSI, I convey my congratulations to the Principal, Teachers and Winners Mr. Rajat De, Mr. Anubhav Baweja and Mr. Sidhant Bansal. Our staff members at Education Directorate, Chennai deserves complements for successfully organizing Regional Rounds at various chapters and a National Round at Chennai. It is interesting to note that Global IT leaders have visited India in recent past due to Digital India Initiative of Government of India and business opportunities available. Over last few decades, innovations and industrialised services created a wealth engine in India, resulting into US$ 100 billion plus service industry providing employment to IT talent. It placed our country in the centre of knowledge A countdown for CSI–2015, a Golden Jubilee Convention economy. Thus many opportunities are available to Indian has started. The organizing team of Delhi chapter is entrepreneurs to become an innovative market leaders geared up for a successful convention. It will be a great using available IT talent. opportunity for members to attend this convention and witness the deliberation by distinguished speakers, IT Recently, Mark Zuckerberg was in Delhi. He said leaders and academicians. connecting people in India was one of the most important things Facebook could do for the world and today India has Let me wish you and your family, a Very Happy Diwali and second largest Facebook community in the world. He felt Prosperous New Year. May God fulfi ll all your wishes in that there is a big opportunity to develop the economy in wealth, health and happiness in your life. India. He also talked about social tools like safety tracking tools and missing child alert from the Facebook stable. This is good learning for our Indian IT Professionals and Students regarding how a social media tool can change With best wishes, the world, aff ect the society and contribute in economy. A debate is on whether digital economy about digitising the real economy, society and governance or it is simply Bipin V. Mehta a valuation game? In an article of Economic Times it is mentioned that valuations of start-ups are growing astronomically but not their real user base. What will be the future of Indian e-commerce and digital start-ups? Let us start thinking. Prof. Bipin Mehta, Director, School of Computer Studies, Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad, C CSI Communications | November 2015 | 5SI Communications | November 2015 | 5
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