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VICE PRESIDENT’S DESK 1. As I have been stressing upon, CSI need to give more thrust on improving the quality of the Conferences and Seminars that we organize so that these events serve as a good fo- rum for exchange of ideas between researchers, academi- cians and practitioners. There is a great need for organizing conferences of high quality which researchers from India can aff ord to attend. Invited Speakers from abroad work- ing on advanced technologies add to value of the confer- ence and we should spend eff ort in getting them to India. This is not diffi cult, but we have to approach them well in advance. From my experience of conducting conferences in CSI, I have realized that there is a good number of Pro- fessors and Practitioners in US, Europe, Australia, Japan, China etc. who are ready to travel on their own and we may only have to take care of their hospitality. Interaction with well established researchers from abroad helps in improv- ing the quality of research in the country. Publication of proceedings with reviewed research papers after checking for plagiarism is also another important as- pect and I am glad to see some conferences getting their proceedings published by Springer. There are other pub- lishers who may also be interested and we need to try to connect with them. We should also try to bring some well established Interna- tional Conferences to India. These conferences which are normally held abroad primarily in US may like to explore moving to India. However, the registration fees of such conferences when held in US are generally very high and may not be aff ordable to Indian research community. The ule and to strictly follow the CSI Byelaws. There have been registration fees of these conferences must be fi xed to suit complaints about elections at the Chapter level and the NC the Indian scientifi c community. along with Hony. Secretary have been working to ensure elections are held in the right spirit. 2. A list of Distinguished Speakers from CSI Members has been prepared by nomination and by selection from the 6. We would like to strengthen the Special Interest Groups applications and being published Region-wise in the CSI (SIGs) formed few years back but lamenting due to lack of website. These speakers can be requested to share their support. For this purpose, SIGs have been aligned to the fi ve expertise. Divisions as required as per Byelaws. The SIG Conveners have been told to increase the scope for SIG Membership 3. Eff orts are on to strengthen CSI’s international presence by adding members throughout India and to send reports and we are soliciting support from CSI members presently for publication in CSI Communications. Unfortunately bar- abroad to help in this venture. Although our international ring 2-3 SIGs, others continue to be dormant. fees are low, computer scientists from abroad are not at- tracted to become our members. We must add value to 7. For fi lling up the Executive positions which are vacant, ad- our events and publications. vertisement has been released and it is expected that these positions will be fi lled up by November, 2015. 4. Members have complimented for making CSI Communica- Best wishes, tions more eff ective in communicating with our Members. All reports from CSI Student Branches and from Chapters are being included and Dr. Vipin Tyagi is coordinating this. Dr. Anirban Basu We are trying to include Call for Papers from across the globe in CSIC to help our members communicate with in- ternational conferences. 5. Chapter Elections are to be conducted as per the guidelines sent by Nomination Committee. All NC Members at the Vice President, CSI Chapter level are requested to adhere to the time sched- Prof. Dr. Anirban Basu, Vice President, CSI Communications | November 2015 | 6
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