Special Interest Group on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • The SIG will help drive awareness programs, offer venues for learning and information exchange and create forums/seminars for interacting with thought leaders and industry practitioners.

  • The SIG will help the innovator into developing the idea into business model..

  • The SIG will also act as facilitator for providing venture capital.

  • As a prerequisite the innovators will be trained to protect their intellectual property rights.

  • This SIG will also be responsible for creating publication with articles and review papers from world-renowned technocrats.

  • It will also provide a platform for interaction, exchange of ideas, mentoring, training and education


Academicians, researchers, working professionals, students and anyone who wants to become entrepreneur can be a member of the SIG- ICT.

  • Organizing workshops, group discussions among different stakeholders.

  • Organizing seminars/ conferences for knowledge sharing, idea generation and defining current trends.

  • Setting up farmers call centers

  • Use of ICT in entrepreneur development in rural areas.

  • Providing training to entrepreneurs.

  • Helping budding entrepreneurs.

  • Short-term courses on project development and intellectual property.

  • More Entrepreneurs, Employment Generation, Livelihood and Sustainability based on Competency.

Vijay Rastogi
Membership No. : I0010224
eMail : vijayrastogi@yahoo.com

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