SIG - Formal Methods
Bhanumathi K S
“Ganadhakshya” #406, 8 C Main,
H R B R First Block
Kalyan Nagar
Bangalore 560043
Mobile:+91 95350 92589
Formal Methods (FM) has been in existence since 1940’s, when Alan Turing proved the logical analysis of sequential programs using the properties of program states; and Floyd, Hoare and Naur used axiomatic techniques to prove program correctness against the specifications in 1960’s.

These initial successes helped inculcate an interest in applying FM to the field of computer science.

Academia has been instrumental in bringing this field to the forefront, through continued research and development. The use of Formal Methods requires an expert skill-set expertise and therefore, its use is limited to those trained in the field.

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