Management Committee for the Year 2016 - 17/18
Mr. Jaspal Singh
Membership no.I1140212
B1-12, Spinel Apartment,
Vijaya Golden Tower, Sonari
East Singhbhum
email :
Mobile No : +91-9234603567
Management Committee Members for the Year 2016 - 17/18
Mr. Pani Ashis Kumar
Membership no.I0068412
Post Box 222 C H Area ( E )
Associate Professor Xlri
Information Technology & Systems
email :
Ms. Neelam Jha
Membership no.I1122739
24,B Road
Northern Town
email :
Tel No : 06576647064 Mobile No : +91-9204058230
Ms Rashmi Kumari
Membership no.I1158216
Tata Steel Bistupur,
Jamshedpur, 831001
email :
Mobile No : +91-8092055990
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