Message from Prof. A. K. Nayak, Vice President cum President Elect

It gives me immense pleasure to greet you all and convey my respect & gratitude to all the Fellows as well as my best wishes to Senior Members, Members, Associate Members, Members of the Management Committee of the Chapters, Corporate Members, Institutional Members and young student members of CSI as the Vice President Cum President Elect.of Computer Society of India.

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the Members as the Vice President for the year 2018-19. Together with the Executive, NC members, I would like to say thank you for giving us a chance to bring the Society forward and working with the responsibility to propel the profession to the next level. With your continued support, I am positive that we can achieve our vision to be a globally recognized professional body, bringing values to our members, the profession and the wider community.

With having the experience of 8 years in the Chapter Management Committee, 11 years of experience as an elected member of National ExeCom & Nominations Committee and several years of experience as Chief Editor of CSIC,CSI Adhyayan, Publisher of CSI Magazines & Journals, Chairman & member of several committees, I got a long experience in CSI for successfully managing all the assignments. With the dynamic leadership of our President (2017-18) & active cooperation of our ExeCom members, the CSI has witnessed a growth of 7000+ students members & 1000+ voting members in last year i.e. during the year 2017-18, along with the enhancement of over Rs. 3.0 Crores in the 2017-2018 balance sheet, over the balance sheet of 2016-17.

CSI is having over 1,00,000 members, including student members. It is the main responsibility of Executive Committee of CSI, Management Committee of Chapters, SIGs and Student Branch Coordinators to serve the members by conducting effective and quality conferences, seminars and workshops to fulfill the objectives of the Society. I shall try with my level best for promoting the research activities, collaboration with other professional & research bodies along with the efforts for the exponential growth of membership with the best effort for the inclusive growth of the society.

I seek the active & kind support of the Members to make CSI more Dynamic, Vibrant, Productive & sustainable to achieve the height of excellence.

I sincerely request all the Office Bearers, Executive Members, CSI office staffs to kindly work with responsibility towards the Society (CSI) to serve honestly for the cause of every Division, Region, Chapter, SIG, Student Branch & every Individual Members including Student Members.

Let us come forward to make Clean CSI & Green CSI with transparent activities & vision to make it Swachh, Pardarshi & haravara.