CSI NATIONAL ELECTIONS 2017-2018/ 2017-2019

Dear CSI Members,

Under Byelaws(Section 5: Nominations and Elections) of the Computer Society of India, Nominations Committee hereby invite nominations from Voting Members for considering them for the various elective offices of the Executive Committee (ExecCom) and the Nominations Committee (NC) as well as Chapter Elections.Members are accordingly invited to submit the names of candidates who are validVoting Members for the following elective offices :

CSI Elections 2017-2018/2019 - Call for nominations

Format for accepting nominations.

For the Term 2017-2018 (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018)

1. Vice-President cum President Elect
2. Nominations Committee (3 members)

For the Term 2017-2019 (April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2019)

1. Hony. Treasurer
2. Regional Vice-President (Region I): Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and other areas in Northern India.
3. Regional Vice-President (Region III): Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other areas in Western India.
4. Regional Vice-President (Region V): Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
5. Regional Vice- President (Region VII): Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andaman and Nicobar, Kerala, Lakshadweep
6. Divisional Chairperson (Division I) – Systems
7. Divisional Chairperson (Division III) – Applications
8. Divisional Chairperson (Division V) – Education and Research

The proposal for Nomination should be accompanied by :
The proposal for Nomination should be accompanied by (in prescribed format) :

Click here for format for nominations.

1. Signed letter/ E-mail from at least two valid voting members proposing the Nominee.
2. A signed letter/ E-mail from the Nominee confirming :
     2.1 Acceptance to stand for election to the nominated office.
     2.2 Willingness to devote adequate time for the Society’s work.
     2.3 Commitment to attend at least three MC Meetings in a year (Not for Nominees to NC).
3. Two Passport size Photographs (printed) (3.5 cm X 4.5 cm) or softcopy of 413 x 531 pixels (300 dpi) in size.
4. Statement of Intent on how the nominee intends to serve the Computer Society of India.
5. Bio-data in the following suggested format:

1. Name :
2. CSI Membership No. :
3. CSI Membership since :
4. E-mail address :
5. Date of Birth (Age) :
6. Postal Address :
7. Phone/ Mobile/ Fax Nos. :
8. Educational Qualifications : 9. Publications – relevant to the office being nominated for :
10. Contribution to the IT profession :
11. Contribution made to CSI :
12. Experience - relevant to the position nominated for :
13. Honours/ Professional Recognition :
14. Other Relevant Information :
15. In case of Nominees who are holding or have held an Elected post in CSI ExecCom or NC in the last 3 years:
     a. Positions held
     b. Statements of Intent submitted for the above positions
     c. Results achieved/action taken

Note 1: If the name of any Nominee appears for more than one Office, the Nominations Committee will be empowered to decide on the office for which he/she should contest. The NC will take into consideration any e-mail or signed written preferences submitted by the nominee received prior to the last date of nominations.

Note 2: Nominees will NOT be considered in the following cases:
     (a) Nominees with pending dues to CSI or
     (b) Nominees against whom Disciplinary action has been taken

Note 3: The nominee should be a valid member as on 15th November 2016.The nominee and the proposers must have paid their membership dues for the period for which he is contesting the election. e.g. nominee for Hony. Treasurer, must have paid membership dues for two years for which he is contesting i.e. till 2019.

Note 4: All election related notices will be published on the CSI Homepage www.csi-india.org. The date of publishing election related notices on the CSI Homepage www.csi-india.org will be considered as the date of publication. As per Section 4.6.4, “The word mail includes e-mail and the word publication includes web publication”.

The last date for receipt of nominationsis November 15, 2016.

The proposals must be sent to :
The Chairman, Nominations Committee
C/o Hony. Secretary, Computer Society of India,
Samruddhi Venture Park, Unit No 3, 4th Floor, MIDC Andheri (East),
Mumbai–400 093

With a copy to :
Mr. Ved Parkash Goel - Chairman, Nominations Committee (E-mail: nc2016_2017@csi-india.org)

All election related notices will be published on the CSI Homepage www. csi-india.org. The date of publishing election related notices on the CSI Homepage www.csi-india.org will be considered as the date of publication. As per Section 4.6.4, “The word mail includes e-mail and the word publication includes web publication”.

The proposed dates for various stages of the above elections are :

Call for Nominations to be published on CSI Homepage :
(Also in CSI Communications October 2016 issue)
Last date for receipt of nominations : 15.11.2016
Last date for withdrawal of nominations :21.11.2016
Last Date for Communication of elections slate by NC to ExecCom :26.11.2016
Last date for Approval of election slate by ExecCom :29.11.2016
ElectionSlate to be published on CSI Homepage :
(Also in CSI Communications: Dec. 2015 issue)
E-mail posting of passwords :16.12.2016
Opening election site :16.12.2016
Last date for receipt of ballots (e-ballots over Internet) :17.01.2017
Last Date for Declaration of results :20.01.2017
Note: The dates may be changed by the Nominations Committee, ifrequired – by suitable announcements on the CSI Homepagewww.csi-india.org We would urge all members to register/ update their latest e-mail Ids and mobile numbers with the CSI Headquarters. This will allow the members to derive full benefits from Internet Balloting and to take CSI to a leadership Position in showcasing the use of IT for Elections.

Elections for CSI Chapter

As intimated in the past, Chapter Elections will also be held simultaneously with the National ExecCom Elections. Nominations Committees at the Chapters will invite nominations for these positions from their respective members. All members are requested to visit their chapter website or contact the Chapter NC for more details.

     • Start Date for call for chapter nominations: 15th Sept. 2016
     • Last Date for receipt of chapter nominations: 10th October 2016

The nominations for Chapter elections should be sent to the chapter NC. BUT a copy of the nomination MUSTbe sent to CSI HQ and National NC at (chapterelections@csi-india.org​) for record. For chapters without a valid NC, National NC will conduct the elections.

Chapter Elections would be held for the following positions :

1. Vice Chairman (Chairman elect) (2017-2018)
2. Nominations Committee (3 Members) (2017-2018)
3. Hony. Treasurer (2017-2019)
4. Managing Committee Members (2017-2018) (Class A : 8, Class B : 6, Class C : 4) based on chapter membership

Chapter election process must be completed by 15th November 2016 i.e. the results/slate must be communicated to CSI HQ by the chapter by this date. If the chapter opts to go for online voting with National ExecCom voting, all details of the nominees must be sent to CSI HQ/National NC by 31st October 2016. The election process in such cases would be completed by 31st January 2017.

For more details on Elections, please visit www.csi-india.org

CSI Nominations Committee 2016-2017
e-mail: nc2016_2017@csi-india.org
Mr. Ved Parkash Goel
Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav
Mr. Sushant Rath

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