Resource Persons Region-3

Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr Nishtha Kesswani Jaipur Wireless Networks, Cloud Computing and Data Mining
2 Vikas Bajpai,
Jaipur Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics
3 Dr Santosh K Vishwakarma Jabalpur Data Analytics, Data Mining, Text Mining
4 Prof Anupam Shukla
Gwalior Artificial Intelligence, Nature-Inspired Algorithms, Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Speech Processing
5 Dr Shikha Agrawal Bhopal Swarm Intelligence, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence , Optimization Techniques
6 Dr Jitendra Agrawal,
Bhopal Data Mining and Information Retrieval, Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence
7 Prof Chintan M Bhatt,
Ahmedabad Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Data Mining, Mobile Computing, Computer Networking
8 Prof Bhushan H Trivedi Ahmedabad Security, especially intrusion detection, AI, any guidance for research, and effective teaching
9 Dr R Nandakumar Ahmedabad Software Engineering; Specifying & evaluating Software Quality in particular. Geospatial Data Processing. Graph Theory - Distance related topics
10 Dr Mehul S Raval Ahmedabad Machine learning, Image processing, Statistical Analysis, Signal Processing, Watermarking, Steganography, Biometrics, Remote sensing
11 Dr Nalin N Jani Ahmedabad Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics etc.
12 Dr Viral Nagori,
Ahmedabad Cloud computing, Cyber Security R programming

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