Resource Persons Region-5

Sr.No. Name Email ID Chapter Area of expertise
1 Dr S Lakshminarayana,
Visakhapatnam Computer Science - Data Mining - Text Mining - Web Search Algorithms
2 Dr M Ramakrishna Murty Visakhapatnam Data Analytics with using R
3 Dr Madhavi Gudavalli Visakhapatnam Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Cyber Security
4 Mr Sajja Ratan Kumar,
Visakhapatnam Parallel Computing, Security, Data Science, Virtualization, Cloud Computin, Distributed Computing, Software Defined Networks
5 Prof K DeviPriya Visakhapatnam Big Data using hadoop mapreduce, Hive and Cloud Computing for creating web applications and virtual machines etc
6 Mrs Dhanamma Jagli Hyderabad Data Science with R, Data Analytics with R, R Data Miner, Data Mining
7 Mr Sudhakar challapalli Hyderabad Banking, System Design, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis – Business Analytics
8 Dr N Sandhya Hyderabad Data Mining, Big Data , Data Analytics
9 Mrs Roja Ramani A Hyderabad R & D
10 Prof Patteti Krishna
Hyderabad Signal Processing for Wire/Wireless communication, MIMO, MIMO-OFDM, Multi-user MIMO, Massive MIMO Communications, Broad band access networks and image Processing
11 Dr P Suresh Kumar Hyderabad Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing and IoT
12 Mr V S R Prabhu,
Hyderabad Data Center Concepts, design, development and implementation, Cyber Security and Information, Security Strategy and implementation, Network and Infrastructure Management
13 Mr Parthasarathi B Hyderabad Cloud Computing
14 Prof Vadiraja A Bangalore IoT, Single Board Computers, IoT platforms, Linux, OpenSource Platforms, NS2, PHP, Python Design Thinking, Ideation
15 Mr Ranjeet Srivastava Bangalore Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Decision Support System, Internet of Things. Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Dimensional Modeling
16 Dr P N Singh Bangalore Big Data Analytics using Python, Delegation Vs Derivation in OOPs
17 Mr Venkatesh Harirajan Bangalore Project Management/Analytics
18 Mr Narasimha Datta Bangalore Computer Networks, Network Security, Operating Systems, Big Data technologies and allied areas
19 Dr Manish Kumar Bangalore Network and Information Security, Digital Forensic, Cyber Crime and Cyber Law, Cyber Warfare
20 Mr Vijay Sharma Bangalore Cloud Computing, Computer Aided Assessments, Product Architecture
21 Prof Nivedita Manohar Mathkunti Bangalore Predictive Analysis, Big Data Hadoop.
22 Mr Dattatreya S Vellal Bangalore Advanced Java and J2EE, Web2.0 and its concepts Design patterns, Principles of SOLID programming Getting familiar with an IDE, How to give a technical
23 Mr Gokulmuthu N Bangalore Programming Fundamentals, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Embedded Systems
24 Prof Shashidhar G Koolagudi Mangalore Speech processing, Audio and Multimedia signal processing, Image processing, Sentiment analysis
25 Dr A M Sudhakara, Mysore IoT, E-banking, PCI-DSS, Cyber Security and Forensic

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